Tool change jogging plus notifcation/ETA of toolchange

Hi there,

I think it would be cool if joystick jogging was enabled once the tool change popup is activated. I usually set my toolpath so that the router moves up high on z axis to make it easy to get the dust boot off, but then you have to probe the next bit so it takes ages for it to gradually lower down onto the probe pad. If jogging was enabled during this time you’d be able to quickly jog it down so that it was nearly there then hit probe for the last few mm.

Additionally, on the UI, it would be cool if there was an ETA “until next tool change” and some type of toolchange notification feature or sound/alarm? Maybe a push notification to your phone that says “hey, it’s me, your Onefinity, change the bloody tool I’m bored over here!” :wink:


If I am not mistaken, the joystick has several settings which allow you to jog each axis at particular increments (e.g. 0.1, 0.01, 0.001) perhaps you just need to use the largest increment to get close to your touch-plate and then ‘Probe Z’.

Yes that’s the case before you start a tool path but when you’re doing a tool change in the middle of the job, jogging is currently disabled. You can’t move it all regardless of the increments.

Hi Liam,

I’m curious- did you ever get any resolve on this? I agree on both of your points, notification of upcoming tool change and joystick enabled at that time. If doing array copies with tool changes, there is no option to save individual files so you have to set “safe z” at a taller point which adds excessive time to large cuts.