Bit change during a carve

I am using Carbide create and doing an Advanced v carve but cannot change the bit over when the Onefinity pauses, how to I change the bit since I cannot raise the router while paused?

You do each bit as a separate file.

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Hey David,

I would try the second example, it is made for the Onefinity Touch probe.

It is made for the case where you touchprobe on your workpiece top (=part zero is on workpiece top). Should you touchprobe on the machine bed (=part zero is at wasteboard height =at workpiece bottom), simply remove the “G0 X0 Y0” line. Probing will then be done at machine home position.

Thank you for all the help, I am a newer user and not a pro so I will try this but I just wish there was an easier way. I did cheat and loosen the motor to change the bit and reset it to my original Z height with a spacer block that was my .15in retract height and it worked fine. I know I need to learn to tweak my G codes in the future.