Probing between bits in a project

When you have to change bits in a project, do you have to prob x, y, and z, or just z? Between bits.

XY will stay the same, you will have to reprobe for z, as it changes per bit.

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Thank you. I thought that only z would have to be probed. I tried to get the prob between the bit and the board but there was not enough space between the bit and board. There was almost not enough space to get the old bit out and the new bit into the router.

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Each tool must be it’s own file.

Hey Steve,

you see what’s in the ‘tool change’ field of the SETTINGS tab? This is what makes you’re stuck over your workpiece at the ‘tool change’ event with not enough room to actually change the bit. The Onefinity Controller has a ‘tool-change’ field in which the user adjusts the ‘tool-change’ behaviour to suit your needs. The user does this themself, because everyone has different needs. You can find

an easy instruction for this here.

What will it do?

In general, when you followed the instructions above, when your g-code program is started and a bit change appears in the program, the milling motor is halted and will be driven to the home position, which means to front left corner and Z is lifted, and a popup appears (if present in g-code, with the tool number) and tells you to insert the bit, then after your confirmation it tells you to attach and put the touch probe underneath the bit, after confirmation probes tool length (Z probing) automatically, and after one more confirmation resumes your g-code program at the right position by powering up the milling motor (if supported by your motor, to the speed specified in your g-code program).

A difference in wanted behaviour is whether you have set your workpiece origin to workpiece top left corner, or to a lower workpiece corner. In the first case you put your touch probe on the top left corner of your workpiece, in the latter case you will be told to put the probe on the machine bed when spindle is at home position. This behaviour is altered by enabling or disabling one single command in the instructions above.

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I thought you could put more than one gcode in a project and the controller would tell you when to change the bit.

The machine will. When it stops carving, it’s time to change the bit. Select the next job and go. On my other CNC machine I name each job the same then include the tool size. “XYZ - 6.25mm”

You only need to probe XY if you move the workpiece, which isn’t advised.