What features would you like to see in 2024?

Hey M,

A machine with a workarea of 120 × 60 cm workarea – but there is already Journeyman PRO and Elite Journeyman, both with 120 × 80 cm workarea, you know that? I bought the Journeyman because the top of a double bass or of a bass viola da gamba fits, or a set of side blanks and and back blanks for a double bass or a guitar, on a vacuum table to reduce their thickness. That are the biggest parts a luthier usually makes.

Or do you mean 60 × 120 cm, with a the long dimension (120 cm) on Y and the short dimension (60 cm) on X? EDIT: See also below.


That would be a good way to offer the machine someone really needs. Some people made themselves a machinist-woodworker hybrid with 80 × 40 cm by combining parts of the two machines.

Ah okay, you really mean the long dimension on the Y axis, and the short on X. That is something that would allow MUCH better for a rotary axis that can make a guitar or bass neck! I requested this already here:

You should also post in the “Feature Requests” category. The manufacturer stated they look into this category regularly .

Regarding the Elite Journeyman and Pro Journeyman currently available, which share the same footprint and hardware, with the long dimension on X and the short on Y axis, I believe 35 mm Y rails are strong enough if you think of the fact that on Y axis, you have two rails as this is a gantry-type machine. I think they correspond well with the 50 mm of X rail (which provides the 120 cm workwidth). I have the Journeyman X-50 and I think 50 mm tubes on the Y rails (which have 80 cm worklength) would make the machine unnecessary heavy.

But I would have preferred it with Y on long dimension and X on short, like you!

These were just my few €0.01’s :slight_smile:

So +1 with me for a long Y-50 axis, and a short X axis, on Journeymans!

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