Tool change prompts when using the same bit

I’ve only made about a dozen cuts so far. My first few were using Carbide Create, but now I’m on VCarve Pro. With VCarve if I have a job with multiple toolpaths, the controller prompts me between each one to allow me to change bits. But if all of them use the same bit and RPMs, how do I stop it from prompting me? I have to stand at the display and tap OK every 30 seconds to keep the job going.

Hi Matt,

This is happening because you have multiple toolpaths setup.
I have seen the same behavior on my machine.
If you put all your vectors that use the same tool in the same toolpath, the system will not prompt you for a tool change.
The system gives you the chance to change the tool since it sees different toolpaths.

I used different toolpaths with Carbide Create and it didn’t prompt me. Also, I’m using a different DOC or total depth for each toolpath. Or maybe pocket cut on one and profile cut on another. But since the bit and
RPMs don’t change, there is no reason to stop. I was hoping that the software would be smart enough to handle that.

In V-Carve Pro you want to marge toolpaths.


Thanks, I’ll try that!

Why have I not seen that option in the menu yet… lol

This will merge any toolpath (pocket, profile) with different DOC’s into one toolpath? Will it order it in the order selected, or the order in the toolpath view?

I’ve just gone in the G-code and deleted the tool change with was added by the PP when saving the code.


Here is a video on the merge tool path option.

(1536) Vectric V10 Tutorials | 2D Toolpaths | Array Copy & Merging Toolpaths Guide - YouTube

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So I merged all of my toolpaths, saved the GCode and ran this. It still prompted me for each one. =(


Has this been resolved yet?

Yes, merging the toolpaths seems to be working now. Not sure why it didn’t the first time. I probably did something wrong.

Hey all- the same thing is happening to me on merged toolpaths in Aspire 10.5. Super annoying as I can have up to 9 paths in the same project (same bit and speed). Anyone have any thoughts on why the path merging might be being ignored?