Toolpaths infinitum

I have been playing with vcarve pro and came up to a roadblock i have a simple sign much like the avalon tutorial but sine i have been messing up quite a bit i now have probably thirty or more toolpaths showing up as pocket 1 pocket 2 pocket three in multiples of each. how to I delete all this falderal and start clean with my sign? and why is it creating a new toolpath each time i know i am doing something wrong. also how do i save this sign in gcode put it on a thumb drive and cut it?

Hi @HardtailSr . I think these are all questions that would be better addressed on the Vectric forum. Have you been following the You Tube tutorials? You might at this point start with a clean slate and redraw your project from scratch with what you’ve learned from this.

Go to the Toolpath side and you’ll probably have something that looks like this:

You can delete the extra (or all) toolpaths by selecting a toolpath and right-clicking.

Click on the right arrow next to Delete in the menu and you can have it delete just the toolpath selected, all the visible ones, all the not visible ones, etc.

Because when you go in to fuss with the initial one you setup, you are clicking on the pocket button again like this:

That creates a new pocket toolpath. If you’ve created one and want to simply edit it, then just double-click the toolpath name and it will open up the toolpath in edit mode so you can change things like depth, tool, etc.

Or use the right-click menu and pick edit:

It’s faster to double-click though and that’s how I do it.


Jim Hatch you are a life saver. and i found out just now my JM is being shipped label has been created so, very soon i can start setting up and going wooohooo