Workflow from fusion 360 > vcarve > toolpath

Hi guys,

I’m trying to understand workflow and toolpath creation. I designed a component in fusion 360 and saved it as an STL.

Now I want to import it into Aspire and add a nice v-carve of some flowers to the side of it. Here’s the flowers:

I start by setting my material size 24x48x0.75. I then import my stl which is buried in my material ready to be cut out.

Where I’m getting stuck is I want to create a toolpath to cut out this stl with tabs but it wants me to select a vector and I have no idea what that means because it won’t let me click on anything in the image.

I then import the image of the flowers now I’m just wondering what is the best way to get that cut into the side of my piece. I position the image where I want it and trace bitmap

Now I’m wondering what the best next step is. create a toolpath, or somehow carve the flowers into the model? Because the next step is…

The final item I’m struggling with I want to mirror the whole piece. and make another 47" component as a mirror image of the first.

Thanks for help and advice!

If I remember correctly you just select the edge but i only have VCarve. Have you gone thru the Vectric tutorials yet? I found doing the sample tutorial projects very useful.