Fusion 360 End to end guide?

I have a piece of line art I like.

Is there a guide for going from an image to a carve? I’m using fusion 360. What are the steps?


These are where I started. My machine isn’t here yet but can’t wait to give it a try.

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IMO fusion 360 is going to struggle handling that as an SVG. Lots of Curves. I love me some F360 but I bought a VCarve license to do that kind of work.

If you are looking for Fusion 360 tutorials for CNC. Check out Austin Shaner on the Youtube.


I’m pretty proficient in Fusion 360. We use it mostly to create files and tool paths for multiple Haas machines. It also works well creating files for 3D printing.
But I have to agree, V-Carve is probably better suited for this type of work.

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NOTE: If you want to place this SVG image onto the surface of an existing model in fusion then first create that model, it could be a simple square box or whatever. and then go through step 1-3 to import the SVG. IF you want just the SVG to be extruded into a model then just go through the steps below. Hope this helps…

#1 right click and then click new component, press enter. (not 100% necessary however I always create a new component in every design as this has benefits down stream. Rule of thumb, better to make a component than just a body. Youtube lessons will help with this)
#2 click insert SVG and select file from your computer.
#3 select the file from your computer and presto, file is imported into your design.
#4 resize and orient your file and extrude :+1:
Now for the manufacturing end you should look to video tutorials on tool paths, CAM etc for fusion 360 to have some detailed walkthrough of the options and workflow in the Fusion manufacturing space. The steps above will get you importing the graphic into your workspace and extruding it into something.

Hi Eric - there are plenty of resources to import SVG and make tool paths - I have a couple videos as well as the one listed here. Though I do wonder exactly what you are looking for in the end? You want a outline with the face as a relief or some more in the v-cutting range?