Fusion360 close lines in design

can you help me, im trying to make a V-bit file for this logo but it seems that not all lines are closed .
how do I close them so that (in contour selection) I can choose them

How did you create the file?


I didn’t I downloaded it from Etsy

I have waggled points (& ctrl z) to find the the unconnected. Painful but did the job. Also look out for overlapping lines/lines on top of one another.

As I’ve said before, I highly recommend working with your SVGs in a program like Affinity Designer or Inkscape to ensure they are appropriate for Fusion. There is almost always a little massaging to be done

Hi Guys, ik have the problem tackled.
I saw the there was also a DXF file in the folder so I used that…works like a charm

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While it’s a pain I would suggest going through the work of finding the mistakes. Sooner or later you are going to find an image you will want to use. Most likely it’ll need to be converted to a vector format. Depending on what you want to do with it you’ll find lots of issues that need fixing. I’ve done some with Inkscape but I’ve also done it with Fusion to get the experience. The problem with being new and using another program and Fusion is learning both at the same time.

Hi @Cor - first thing to know if Fusion’s ability to edit vectors sucks. Period. Second, Fusion is a CAD program at it’s core - that is likely why DXF worked - they invented the format.

Like Nick said, I would get yourself a copy of Inkscape or Affinity Designer (my new favorite vector program) - you can do all sorts of stuff in there you can’t do in Fusion. Then import the SVG into Fusion and you are off.

Best of luck!