Importing SVGs into Fusion

I like to do a lot of design work in Affinity Designer and then export it as an SVG for later import into Fusion 360. This has always worked well and allows me to integrate more organic shapes that are difficult to achieve in a Fusion 360 sketch alone.

There is one small thing about this workflow that has always frustrated me though. When importing SVGs into Fusion it has always been a headache to get the scale to match what I drew it in. It is super frustrating (especially with the CNC) when things need to be precise sizes and it’s basically a guessing game with the scale slider.

Well last night I finally took the time to figure it out! When you export an SVG from your vector art program of choice, set it to export at 96dpi. That’s all there is to it! Perfect sizing in Fusion 360 every time.


Thanks Nick - you confirmed my suspicions around the DPI. I think that will work with Inkscape too - I think they changed from 72 to 96 when they went to 1.0.


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