Newbie- Fusion360 file to OF- doweling jig

So first, I do not have Fusion360. I purchased VCarve Pro through Onefinity. I found a file for a doweling jig here:

How would I create a file to carve that jig? Would I have to buy or get the free trial for Fusion360?


Yes, to do anything with Fusion files you will need it installed. It is free to hobby users with a few nerfs.

After it is installed you can either develop the cut files there or export to some other program. I most always design in Fusion 360 and then do my final touch ups and toolpaths in Vcarve.

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Mark- Thanks. I will install it and go from there.

Yes, thanks Mark. I hadn’t thought about that workflow. I’ve used fusion for 3 years for 3d printing and I love it for modeling. Not so much for the CAM part. Some of that is due to my newness to CNC, but from the videos I’ve watched vcarve CAM seems more intuitive than fusion’s. I’m thinking fusion to vcarve could be an ideal workflow for me.

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Confession, I’ve never figured out the CAM part of Fusion. This workflow works great for me as I 3d print, laser cut, and cnc. Each start in Fusion360 just go in different directions when it is time to print or cut.