Vectric Array of ToolPaths

While waiting for my OF-W (I’d have gotten it months earlier if one of you had called to tell me about them :slight_smile: ) I’m learning VCarve Pro (already purchased). Has anyone experience yet with if/how the newest post processor handles arrays of toolpaths when making multiples of a part that in turn requires multiple tooling?

From my early understanding of Vcarve Pro, there are several strategies that would work if necessary. I’m just curious as to what anyone has found thus far using the toolpath arrays.

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My question arose as I was contemplating how easiest to lay out a spoil board with 20 pocketed holes for fastening to table - I wanted 40 1/4 diameter pocket holes with a 1/8 diameter screw hole in the bottom. It was going to be tedious/repetitive to make 40x2 toolpaths, but you can array copy a set of toolpaths and then choose to optimize for minimal tool changes or completing each piece before going to the next. That is successful only if vcarve+pp are smart enough not to pause for tool changes in the first case and to repeatedly pause for tool changes in the latter case.

Thank you, Chris. I had concluded - as I spent more time in VCarve - that your suggestion was the way to go for this particular series of operations. I’m trying to learn as much ‘virtually’ as possible while waiting for this, my first CNC, to arrive.