Vectric Aspire or VCarve Batch Toolpaths

Has anyone any idea if it is possible to batch toolpaths in vectric aspire / vcarve?

I have about two hundred rosettes and another hundred ceiling medallion (models) that outside of their design differences might be using the same Roughing / Finish / Profiling process based on similar dimensions, for example a rosette that is 4" x 4"

Does anyone have any experience doing batching or know a foolproof way of simplifying this otherwise tedious task. I’d like for each rosette file, to be saved with their toolpaths, so then I can go into each one manually and do what ever necessary tweaking needs to be done -


Does this help? How to Combine Multiple files w/toolpaths into one - Vectric Customer

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Hey Joe,

This could very well do the trick… I’m going to try this, thanks! :slight_smile: