Planing using the Joypad

Has anyone ever used the Joypad for planing? I mean just using it as going back forth using the X and Y axis. Would it easier to use than setting up a whole program for a weird shape?

Yep works like a champ… Set depth… Choose speed… Lock axis with top button and go


Yes - as it happens, I did twice today; (1) getting those outer edges when surfacing a wasteboard, (2) I had a pocket in a project that, when varnished, was no longer wide enough for the purpose, so I remounted the piece (original home long gone and not recoverable) and shaved a few thou’ (I’m almost American with my language) off the internal faces.


…and use MDI if you need to be more precise with your movements.

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Thanks guys! I wanted to see if anyone else did it before I attempted it!