Please implement coordinate bookmarks

Currently I have to take ascreenshot of the desired coordinates I’d like to save and repeatedly come back to (Like for batch jobs) and manually type in negative versions of those coordinates into the axys offset property. Very long and tedious. I had a conversations with a onefinity programmer when we have been exploring the “Disconnected” bug (fix for which I too hope will be in the next update) and he mentioned that the bookmark idea was a good one.

Anyone else for it? Let it be known here that it is desired.
A panel here you can save XYZ coordinates which persist from boot to boot, and which you can click on and it will automatically be set as an offset of the axys.

Do we have the ability to save g-code macros? That would achieve the same end (albeit in a slightly different manner)

Would “creating” a GCode (hand crank a .nc) file that rapid moves the router to a position then stops meet your needs/be a possibility. Then run that file, set home, …

I’ve not tried it.

Would using G54 (work offset) achieve this? You’d still have to enter the values one time in your gcode file but that’s better than doing it every time you run the job.

It would work but it is simply substituting one workaround solution for another. Would be nice to have at least kind of like a macro bookmark tool in the UI

Heck, let’s implement both. One for bookmarking coordinates, one of bookmarking macros. You could make an argument that with macros you don’t need 80% of what there already is in the interface. wouldn’t hurt to have both.