Parking Position GCode?

I know there is a way in the software setting to add recurring Gcode. Does anyone have an example code to add to the end of each job to park the gantry?

Instead of returning to the home position after a job is complete, to go to a position near the rear of the waste board?


What are you using to generate your g code? If using Fusion 360 you can set the home position to wherever you like and it will send the spindle to that point at the end of the file:

In the manufacture workspace go to manage >my machines and go to local, you should see a machine there like “generic 3 axis” with the Onefinity post processor - open that and edit the X and Y home (leave Z at 0)

Alternately you can add some code like this near the end of the file before the M30 command assuming you’re using metric:

G53 G0 Z0
G53 G0 X400 Y800

Just curious, wouldn’t using G54 (and G58-59) be easier? Does OF store the coordinates between reboots? I used it with my X-Carve but not OF yet.

G53 would be based on absolute machine coordinates from the front left corner on the Onefinity where as G54-58 would be work offsets and would take into account where you zeroed the machine on your part(s). If you used G54 and the work offset was at 200x200 to the front left corner of your part, executing a move G54 x400 y800 would send you outside of the limits of the machine because it’s adding the 200mm work offset to the 800mm move command. I tested this on an existing file with a g53 G0 X400 Y800 command at the end, changing the g53 to a g54 and it results in a ‘no fit’ in the Y axis after simulating the program.

There may be a way to do it with the work offset taking into account where offset value is relative to home but I think it’s easiest to use the absolute coordinate system.

But if I were to keep my parts at the OF machine zero, and then add the x400 y800 to g54 then it would park itself in the back left? I’m new to the specific Gcode shorthand.

If you work offset is at the “home” of the machine g53 and g54 would do the same thing since they’re both based on an absolute value of 0,0 for X and Y. A command of G54 G0 X400 Y800 would send it to the center back of the machine (the machine has a limit of 816x816mm). To send it to the back left it would be X0 Y800.