Permanent zero on Onefinity X50

Hi everybody - can anyone tell me if you are able to type a permanent zero into your CNC? I need to zero in this position every time I use my machine…

Hey Lars,

you can use G92 (Coordinate System Offset). Usually this command follows the G38.2 (Straight Probe) probing command to set the workpiece origin to the probed position. An example of the use of G92 was described here.

See also

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Thank you Aiph5u! That helped a lot!

So if I want to zero in the coordinates: X:426.787 Y:297.379 I just type G0 x426.787 y297.379 in my G.code? I’m using metric…

…and then G92 X0 Y0!

G0 is just G0 (rapid move). G92 then sets zero at the new position.

Thank you again - I will try this tomorrow!

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Do I need the “!”? or just “G92 X0 Y0”?

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Hey Lars,

Ha, right you are, of course not :slight_smile:

I should better use the “code” markup:

G90                  ; Set Absolute distance mode
G21                  ; Set Metric units mode
G92.1                ; Delete any previous offset
G0 X426.787 Y297.379 ; Rapid move X and Y
G92 X0 Y0            ; Set X and Y zero here

And welcome to the forum!

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Looks like this was not uploaded when you pressed “Reply”

Wish I could help you back Aiph5u… but I guess you would have to be patient then:-)

Hi Aiph5u - I have an other question… How and where du I get to manually change the G.code? Can I do it directly in V-Carve pro? or do I have to have an other program that can read it?

Hey Lars,



  • you enter the G-code commands one by one into the command entry field of the MDI tab (in the Tabbed Section of the CONTROL Page). The machine executes them immediately. This is useful to quickly get familiar with the g-code commands, what they do etc.
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