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I have an X35 and added a row of .25 holes in my spoilboard in X and Y for alignment dowels. I use the following MDI command after homing to set my zero:

G01 x4.033 y4.04

Then set as my offset. I am wondering if I could make a gcode file that I can run that will move my X and Y to that location and then set zero. It saves a few key clicks. I did search the forum, and found some great stuff on the topic, but I do not know much about the gcode stuff and thought it would be okay to post my question. Thanks!

Hey Bern,

G0 X4.033 Y4.04
G92 X0 Y0

Explanation: G92 (Coordinate System Offset)

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Thanks for the quick reply. So would I just copy those lines to a file and save as gcode and run it as a toolpath after a homing sequence? My goal is to not have to manually enter into the MDI (if that is possible)

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Hey Bern,

Berns_Offset_imperial.ngc (172 Bytes)
Berns_Offset_metric.ngc (170 Bytes)

G90             ; Set Absolute distance mode
G20             ; Set Imperial units mode
G92.1           ; Delete any previous offset
G0 X4.033 Y4.04 ; Rapid move X and Y
G92 X0 Y0       ; Set X and Y zero here

This assumes you already homed the machine. To add a home command, this would be prepending G53 G0 X0 Y0 (and possibly add Z0 if you want).

Explanation: G53 (Move in machine coordinates)

EDIT: You mean 4.033 millimeter? Oh, I corrected this.
EDIT2: Not millimeters? Okay, back to inches.


I am in the land of imperial measurements… so not metric. Would I just delete the G21 line, or is there a different G command for us freaks that never switched to a measurement system that makes sense?

Hey Bern,

I assumed imperial in my first attempt, but then I was unsure because 4.033 and 4.04 inches seemed much to me, and changed it to millimeter. You really want it moved over four inches?

Explanation: G20, G21 (Set Units mode)

Yup, for me, that 4"in and 4"up is a very comfortable spot for my projects that are not very large. I do a lot of epoxy inlay work and that seems to be my sweet spot for cleaning up the chips and brushing out debris. Thanks for the assist!

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This works perfectly! Aiph5u, thanks so much, I owe you. Learned something new today.


Hey Bern,

I always say, g-code doesn’t bite, it just want to play :slight_smile:

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