Positioning controls

Maybe this is already in the software and I do not see it, but if not I would like to request more jogging control, besides the buttons to press and hold to move. For example, a way to input how much to move (+10" on X axis), and move to a specific position (move to 32",32").

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I’ve seen several ways to jog but have not spotted direct positioning yet. I too hope that it is there from the start.

I believe as with any normal CNC, you can go to MDI (manual data input) and enter a command such as G1G91X10.000F50. which would give you an incremental move of 10" in the X axis at a feed rate of 50ipm.

Sounds easy enough to integrate then.

You can use G28 to save a known location and reference from it – assuming the machine has accurate homing. I haven’t seen any hard data on the accuracy of the homing setup; in fact, I don’t know that I’ve seen anything about homing…


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The final interface is continually being worked on. You’ll see changes before units ship.

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If you substitute G91 with G90 instead you will move to a the specific location regardless of where you are starting from… …G90 X10 Y10 Would move your machine to location X10 and Y10 no matter where your starting location is.

As you correctly stated G91 in an incremental move or comonly refered to as a relative move as it moves in increments relative to it’s current position.

G90 is an absolute move as it moves to an absolute location regardless of the current position.


Giving this a bump; would be nice to have a tab for “Macros” like with UGS. Being able to jog to specific locations, over and over, is extremely helpful.