Post Processor for Carveco (Download Links Included) (Old Thread, Included with Carveco now)

Hi all, we are excited that having worked with Ben Myers we now have a set of Post Processors for Carveco for the OneFinity CNC’s. If you are keen to get them now , you can download them from this post. But we will be putting them into the next update of software which will be about 2 weeks time.

If you can’t wait for them to be in the software, all you have to do is drop the files in the folder /carveco/postp usually under programs files , and that way they will automatically show up in the Carveco software.

Onefinity_Inch_Probe_Change.con (1.6 KB)
Onefinity_Metric_Probe_Change.con (1.6 KB)

Onefinity_Metric.con (1.5 KB) Onefinity_Inch.con (1.5 KB)

Looking forward to seeing what everyone does with them.


Thanks Rob! Will get this downloaded so I can finish a couple of projects to have ready for when my machine arrives later this week!


Glad to see more pp on the street.


Thanks Rob, downloaded and installed.

Great, glad you’ve all got it installed okay. Can’t wait to see what people do with the machine and software.