Post processor for VCarve

Where can you find a post processor for the OneFinity and VCarve?

You can’t. We haven’t released it yet.


Ok, thanks. I thought I was just overlooking it.

What about the Buildbotics pp in the files section here?

they will work also.

What post processor do I select on the drop down menu on VCarve? Will Onefinity eventually be added to the list? I didn’t see Buildbotics on there either…

They said they will release it before they arrive to customers.

Ben> Are you running Aspire?

I’m helping Onefinity out with getting their post processor correct. (basically, to how I like it to perform.)

yes. I have the ‘beta’ post processor and am finalizing it. There may be two versions. One I like, and one @Mark likes :stuck_out_tongue: Then you guys can choose which you like.

Great> I was worried I bought a new machine and software that would work together. I had contacted Vetric and they said they never used a Onefinity.

I’ve been using it almost exclusivly.

VCarve asks me to choose a post processor to save my toolpath. What should I select? I’m new to this.

nothing yet. just save the file and wait until they put out a post processor.

Thanks for taking the time to respond. It’s greatly appreciated.

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Have they released the post processor yet?

Yes, they posted the post processors for Vectric software, located in the Files section.

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check the files section.

I checked the FILES section of this forum, but did not see the VCarve post processor file(s). Have they been moved? Thanks!

it’s moved to the CAD:Post Processors section.