Post p directory

how do you install onefinity post processor to vectric v-carve pro
if you can do it step by step, for I’m newbie to this
thanks for any help

There are two folders where you can add Post Processors for V-Carve. The main one is called PostP and the better choice is called My_PostP. When V-Carve starts it looks at the My_PostP folder first to see if there is anything in it. If so, it will only give you those choices when saving your tool paths. If it is empty then it moves to the PostP folder and makes all of those available. To make sure you never choose the wrong one, I recommend that you make use of the My_PostP folder. You can copy the post processors you use from the PostP folder to the MY_PostP folder or add new post processors as needed. You will have to close V-Carve and restart it every time you make any changes to the contents of either folder for them to take effect. Here is how you do it.

  • From the Main Screen in V-Carve click on the File Menu and then click on Open Application Data Folder

  • You should see multiple folders but look for My_PostP and PostP folders.

  • Open the PostP folder and copy the Post Processor(s) you want to have available to you and paste them in the My_PostP folder. Don’t use Cut and Paste or Move. Only use the copy method to get them added to the My_PostP folder. (Leave the Readme. file there)

  • If you have downloaded a Post Processor file then copy it to the My_PostP folder as well.

  • When you are satisfied, close the folders, restart V-Carve and your done. The only Post Processors that will be available will be the post processors that are located in the My_PostP folder.