Post processor in Vcarve

What post processor do I use in Vcarve pro for my onefinity?

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I’m having an issue with my post processor in Vcarve Pro. I only have version 8.0, but I am getting an error screen when I try to use the OneFinity PP.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


I have the same issue with my older version of Vcarve. Please help

From the main Vectric PP thread:

If you’re running an older version of Vectric, some may give errors for the ‘jet’.
Try using this post processor (ONLY if the above version does not work)
Onefinity (Inch) no jet.pp (4.4 KB)

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Any chance this is available in MM?

Anyway, turns out post processor for VCarve Pro 6.0 is not supported. Just heard back from Onefinity about that via email.

However, there are loads of post processors on VCarve that will work. I ran a couple of tests post processing to Precix ATC with the file extension .gc and it works great and stops for manual tool changes. Just some helpful info if you’re running and old unsupported VCarve.

If you send a support request to vectric themselves, they may be able to help you.