Power outages during operation

After much research I’m about to place an order for a Woodworker. I have one question for the group. I live in a rural area and during the summer months we have a lot of lightning. This results in momentary power outages. Does the Onefinity controller have a feature that will allow you to resume a cut after a power outage or must the cut be restarted from the beginning?

Hey Peter,

No , if your controller loses power it will essentially reset itself back to first boot. However if you use the XYZ Zero you could restart your carve and while it will carve a bit of air as it repasses over the already carved areas it will pick back up once it gets to where the power cut out and will continue as expected.

The machine is incredibly accurate and repeat operations are one of its strong points even if that’s after a restart. Again make sure you zero your work (I would recommend not even un-clapmping it as you might inadvertently twist it on the re-clamp. But if it does not move it will be perfect.