Profile cut has a mind of its own

I seem to have resolved my issue and thought I would circle back on the off chance this info helps someone someday. I ultimately contacted Onefinity (thank you!) and worked through this list Z-Axiz Cutting Too Shallow or Deep.

For me, I realized that 1) I needed my router cable moved behind my machine because it was always touching a motor cable, or the machine 2) I had it plugged into a power strip. 3) The other issue that I had was that my collet and possibly nut had been damaged as a result of the original EMI issues and so even once it all was fixed, the bit was still shooting out. Now with a new nut and collet, it seems to be ok. I’m still getting issues with irregular profile cuts on my circles using vcarve pro (which I am new to) but I suspect that is unrelated.