PVC Profile Cutting

Hey 1F fam, got a question for yas!

So I have a project where I have to cut Azek which is essentially PVC sheets. These are 1" thick and I was wondering if I should use an upcut end mill or O flute? It feels like the density and weight is very similar to pine. What parameters would you start with?

Thanks in advance!! :pray:

I am planning to mill this material as well, but have not yet. Here is a link I had saved a while ago for when I try - it may be useful to you as well.


O flute - it’s plastic even though it feels similar to pine, the plastic is what’s important. You want to avoid the chip build up and the resulting melting that occurs with most standard multi-flute bits.

Set the Makita to 3.5 on the speed control dial.

So I ended up cutting it 120/60 ipm @ ~15k RPM (2.5 Makita) and 0.125 doc. It turned out pretty clean and here’s the results. I feel that I can definitely up the travel speed.

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If that’s an expanded PVC material similar to what’s used for sign making, you can let her rip and definitely up the feed rate. Stuff machines really nice. Does look like you’re getting a decent result already tho! FWIW I’ve ran 1/4” up cuts at 190ipm / 16k rpm with 1/8” DOC in expanded pvc sheets. That was on an industrial machine, not a 1F, but it cut like butter.

Check out page 9 of this document. It does seem to be cellular PVC. It’s made to be processed with standard (carbide) milling and routing tools.

Thought about using a similar material recently (Veranda) for a project, but going to stick to a different PVC I have more experience with or use HDPE.

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Hey Jace,

Thanks for the info!

So the client was nice enough to provide an extra sheet as they’ve been great working with them as a new customer. I’ve now tested it at 120, 200, and 250 IPM but I feel that it can still go faster. I bumped up my rpm to about 18k now. I guess he will just get more cut up now for extra!

Here’s a clip of it running at 250 IPM. At first I thought my dust collection just actually sucked but then I realized I needed to empty it and now I can slap a couple or full sheet on until I have to do a good table cleaning :sweat_smile:


That cut looks so clean! Nice work @ColemanDesignsInc

What are you using for workholding?

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Only 4 oops clamps in each corner. Then since the parts are the same and the pieces are the same dimensions are the same I made a temporary fence with two blocks along the X and two blocks along the Y :+1:


Thanks @makerjace I’m just using the oops clamps with one in each corner. Made two temporary fence posts along the X and two more along the Y for the batch work.