Python script for drag knife (macOS)

Given my interest for cutting thin material, it was only a matter of time before I got myself a drag knife.

Problem: there are very few options to add corner actions automatically to g-code on macOS. And I could not find any for Lightburn (on macOS) :rage:

So I ended up writing my own Python script. I received the Donek today and I was pleased to see that my script works!

After testing the knife, I already have ideas for further improvements… but the script does the job and it’s a starting point.
If other 1Fers want to give it a try or contribute improvements (which I will happily merge), it’s on GitHub.

PS: drag knife support is on Lightburn roadmap, it would much more convenient if they were to include it so vote for the feature!


That is excellent - I can understand why you are pleased. Which model did you purchase?

Thanks. I got a Donek D4.

I noticed your experiment with cardboard. I am not sure if you have decided on a fastening system yet, but I had good results screwing a 1/2" pink rigid foam board to the table base, then using cardboard screws I 3D printed to hold the cardboard sheets tight to the foam - it held quite well.