QCW Video Posted

After some back and forth with OF over some of the features, I was finally able to the full QCW video posted this morning. Enjoy:



Does the QCW frame help square up the Onefinity? Is there a way to square up the Onefinity if it isn’t square? This is an issue that is making me hesitate to buy the QCW frame.

Hi Todd - from what I can tell, once assembled, the frame is square. As such, once you attach the OF, it should also be square. However, I have not checked, so I will do that and report back.


Hey Tom,

there is a systematic error in your test. After you have assembled the QCW frame, equipped it with wasteboard and mounted the Onefinity CNC on it, you go straight to flattening the wasteboard. That does not seem logical to me.

You yourself report that the wasteboard is milled unevenly, even only partially, and that the work surface slopes down from left to right.

Your report lacks a proper diagnosis, at least at this point. You just make a few assumptions on why it could be twisted or sloped, but then you wipe everything away and conclude with the statement:

“But that’s okay, that’s why we flatten the wasteboard”.

This is a wrong assumption. As long as it is possible that

  1. one machine foot is higher than the other (frame twisted)

or as long as

  1. the frame is not really square,

you can flatten your wasteboard for as long as you want, you will never get accurate results.

After finishing assembly, you obviously didn’t check either of them.

But that is what we ask, we all the customers who ordered this QCW Frame, what we want to know:

  1. Is it plan (not twisted)?
  2. Is it right-angled (Is it not a parallelogram)?

As surely many do, me too appreciate your efforts in bringing information to the community, thank you very much for this.

But I would be careful with offering such a test in a video without proper checking and reporting these two points.

I am sure it will be much appreciated.

Do you think you can check especially the twisting. Is the QCW Frame able to ensure planeness?


Hello @Aiph5u - thank you for the feedback - I really appreciate the dialog as it makes all of us better. I did check for flatness of the frame and the waste board - it was one of the many things that got lost when condensing the better part of 5 hours of video into a 12 minute video. I certainly should have mentioned it in the video. That said, I am not convinced using a straight edge for ‘flatness’ is an appropriate test of coplanar-ness of the entire waste board to the router and desk (though I’m not sure the desk matters too much). I’m interested in your thoughts on a better mechanism to test for a twisted frame.

As for parallelism, I have simply have not checked that yet as noted. I’m still trying to fully understand the suggestions made here on the forum (beyond measuring corner to corner). If you think I should do an update video I’m happy to put that in the queue. I do think a tuning video for the OF is warranted.

Thanks for watching!


Hey Tom

Agreed, it’s not.

That would be the next, the third interesting point: If your table is not plan, is the QCW Frame able to stay plan when it has to bear the load of the machine, the wasteboard and the workpiece? Is the QCW Frame stiffy, rigid enough to not adopt skewness/warping of the underlying table or ground?

In the promo video of Any Surface Leveling System (that no one should forget to order together with the QCW Frame) it is offered a solution to ensure planeness of the frame on uneven grounds - but the question is, is the QCW Frame able to retain planeness by itself? Or is the Any Surface Leveling System necessary because it is not?

Measuring from corner to corner is
[x] not that bad
[x] often underestimated

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