Questions about sharing files and posts for jtech

Hey everyone,

I made some test files with the jtech. Basically, you put down the material and it does a bunch of combos of speed vs power. I want to share it because I couldn’t find any and it’s really helpful for dialing in the speed and power for different materials. Before I posted it, I wanted to ask.

  1. Are we allowed to share files on this site. (Trying to follow them rules)
  2. If someone uses my file and gets hurt if I put “use at own risk” do you think that’s good enough to cover me? I only ask because lasers catch stuff on fire (I have experienced this).

Any feedback would be great. Hopefully I can post it to help others out.

J White


There is a Files Section on the forum so IMO it should be ok to share.

I am interested in trying out your test files if you make them available.

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Joshua, Thanks for the offer!

I would like to give your files a run and see how they gauge my setup.

Just FYI, there is a file available on the Facebook group that apparently does something similar. I have not yet run it though.

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I too would be up for giving the files a try out and happy to feed back