Random Z movement

I had just finished running a file and moved the router up and back using the game controller. I started to remove my work piece when the gantry started moving down on it’s own.
If I hit the stop button on the controller screen it will stop. But if I move it back up with the joystick, it will start plunging as soon as I let off the controller.
I let the machine rest for about ten minutes and went back to check it - maybe some dust in the joystick? The machine would not replicate what it was doing before.
Anybody else have this happen?

Only when i accidentally lean on the joy stick controller (lesson learned: dont mount joy stick controller on the front of the table).

Sounds like stick drift:


Thanks for the tip! I’m not a gamer so Stick Drift is a new term to me.

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Mario Party has wrecked many hands and many controllers.