Received Damaged X-rail

I just received my x50 woodworker, and have it sitting on my table before getting it set up in the garage. I noticed the upper x rail is covered in scratches, deep enough that I can feel them without looking at them. I’m not sure if it’s a problem yet, as I haven’t ran it, but in my experience if you can feel a scratch without looking at it its several thousandths, enough that I worry about accuracy/rigidity/bearing life. It’s a bummer it came from the factory all scratched up, all the other rails appear to be perfect.

I would ask for replacement. Unless you ordered a scratched up rail.

Chipped ball screws/scratches on rails looks like 1infinty is having a scratch and dent sale……

More like it’s the end of December and logistics people are underpaid and overworked and can’t be arsed to give a damn.

I think I’ll reach out to onefinity after the holidays. To be fair to them, I wasn’t expecting to receive it for another month or so according to their lead time, so I was very excited they got it out before Christmas. Also, One of the ball screws is so loose it moves back and forth about a quarter inch when changing directions, an easy fix I believe, but not ideal brand new.

Looks like 1F trying to catch up on backorders is overlooking some of the minor dents/scratches. I received my Journeyman X Rail with a dent on the side…

Ouchie. Hard fall. Chip?

Oh man, I guess I shouldn’t complain about my scratched rail compared to that chunk. Although I did notice my ball screw had a ding in it, they are sending me a replacement for that.