Returning to XY and Z zero points

Is there an option to return all 3 axis to zero with a single press? On my previous CNC controller, it would first take Z to the ‘safety height’ (preset distance above Z zero), then move X & Y to zero. It should be a safe assumption that anyone wanting to move X & Y to zero also want the Z out of the way first. This appears to make a global return to zero a 2-step process.



Bill & All,

Just a word to the wise, when you do this I would suggest doing Z first to get your bit clear of your material height. (or at least validate that its above the work surface) if you hit the double circles and its below the work surface it will only do X & Y and likely break your bit. If you do Z first it will clear the height issue then you can hit the X,Y Zero.

Hope that saves a few bits for some!

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There is not. It is a two step process.

That’s something I’ll have to get used to, although it’s not something I needed to use very often as my programs always return to zero at the end (always z first, of course).

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