Rough pass feed and speed and depth for a 1/4 EM

Hi. I realized that I can do a roughing pass and go aggressive with my bowl bit then do a finishing pass.

Final depth is .75”

Roughing pass:
Start depth: 0
Depth to .70”
Speed 3 on the router
Depth of cut: .08
100 ipm
.375 step-over

Final pass
Start depth .70”
Speed 3 on the router
Depth of cut: .08
100 ipm
.06 Step over

Doing these two saved me about 60% of the time.

Can someone recommend a roughing feed and feed for a 1/4 EM? Thank you.

Depends on the bit and material but I would say you can increase depth of cut per pass to 0.125 and shoot for 150 to 200 safely from my experience. I often am 300 ipm roughing but that is often allowed down by curves

What do you mean by “allowed down by curves”. Also I was using a 1/4 EM.

I’ll try your settings but it seems aggressive. You’ve tried this on hard wood like cherry and walnut?

What speed setting do you have the router on?

This was posted in the Q&A section on the Amana 45982 bit page for the “Amana 45982 Carbide Tipped Bowl & Tray 1/4 Radius x 3/4 Dia x 5/8 x 1/4 Inch Shank”.

If you are cutting hardwood, we would recommend a starting speed rate at 17,000 RPM and a feed rate of 140 inches per minute at .250” depth per pass with a chip load of 0.005” per tooth. Please adjust your speed and or feed rates accordingly in 10% increments to achieve your desired finish.

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I’ve tried .25” depth of pass and things rattle and gets very sketchy that is why I reduced it to .08 with a .375 step over and 100 ipm. This was perfect Bc it was fast and I just did a cleaning pass at the end.

My question is the roughing feed and speed for 1/4 end milll. I know what for for the bowl bit but was wondering if the 1/4 end mill will be the same.

My bad - I didn’t know what “EM” meant.

No, thank you for your replay. Greatly appreciated.

I’ve done 0.2 DOC at 100ipm with a similar bit before, but only using adaptive clearing with Fusion. That keeps a constant load on the tool. I’d say 0.25 at 140 is a lot for the router and machine, but should be doable.

Using a 1/4" flat endmill, 2 flutes, you can safely rough at 0.125 DOC and 100ipm. I’ve recently done 0.25 DOC at 80ipm without a problem.


What is your step over with the 1/4 EM?

Usually 40%. But the last time was a contour (profile) so no step over.

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