Router or 1F Stall During Profile Cut?

A newbie here making my first cut on my brand new Woodworker Pro. While making a profile cut in 3/4" birch ply using a 1/4" compression bit, either the router or the X axis very briefly stalled on the third pass. I got on the e-stop pretty quickly and found the cut was packed pretty tightly with sawdust in the area of the stall. Should the bit have been able to power through that? Any ideas on this. (I’ll do a better job of blowing out narrow cuts ahead of the bit in the future but want to understand.)

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Following to hear responses. Did your machine lose it’s homing before you hit the panic button or did you notice?

Unfortunately I didn’t notice if homing was lost before I hit the panic button.

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OK I was just curious, I’ve been having issues with that lately.