Sad carving project

Sometimes as friends and/or woodworkers we have to do projects we don’t like and this was one of them. I carved things on all 4 sides that he liked in life. This persons mother was very happy with the end result, but this is the first and last urn I’ll ever do as it brought up too many memories of years long past.
(For anyone who makes an urn, a rule of thumb on size is 1 cu. in. of interior space for 1 lb. of the persons weight, i.e., 200 lbs. = an interior size of 10x5x4).


You did a beautiful job. I can see why the person’s mom was so happy with it.
This will be an heirloom piece passed down in the family.

I have done more than a few, but what I treasure within myself are the tears of joy that I see in those that summoned help when I show them the urn for the first time. Don’t forget, you have responded with your creation of art to help memorialize the deceased. No money can replace that moment! Continue onward and your friend will see you again!!

I have done several memorial plaques for people and pets. And it is hard but I always do the best job I can on them and as long as the customer is happy, I’m happy. I had to do two different ones for pets and only a few months after losing my best buddy of 16yrs, that was hard.