Setup Help in Central NJ

Have an elite journeyman I just am aggravated with trying to get my machine square (on a qcw and fixed leg stand for more detail) and running.

At this point, of anybody lives near Mercer County, NJ happy to pay for your time if you come over and help me out. Reach out if interested

It should be as simple as bolting it all down to the qcw. Bolt it down and run a test cut. Don’t worry too much about square for now. Just get some successful cuts under your belt.

Like support said, get a few cuts done. If you want to do a webcam stream and live chat I can walk you through the steps that I did to get my machine pretty close to square. How do your corner to corner measurements look when the machine is bolted to the qcw?

Jaycob, although I doubt this is a contributing issue, you may want to make sure the QCW is square before looking at the CNC itself. Weirder things have happened!


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I live in NJ and can probably give you a hand.