Shallow cuts on one side

Good Morning all,

Need some help…. It has done sometimes but not all cuts and don’t know what the issue could be. So I did a cut yesterday and the right side is so much shallower than the left. Do I need to flatten wasteboard again or tram my machine or could it be the wood. Please help!

Thank you.

Tramming is only for determining if your bit is at right angles to the wood, that issue wouldn’t show up this way. If you measure your wood accurately and it is the same thickness from left to right, the only thing left is the surface height of the work piece. That may be fixable with a resurfacing of the spoil board but first make sure the problem isn’t with the workpiece. E.g maybe there’s a warp to it, or maybe there is wood chips under it, etc.

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Ok make sense. Yeah I think it might be the wood. I did this one a few weeks ago and not as bad as this one was.

Provided that your machine is setup correctly and wasteboard is flat, I’ve found when using material 12” square or less surfacing hasn’t been necessary prior to carving unless it’s obviously got a twist, cupping, etc. On larger pieces I always surface first before carving. My experience with larger projects is DOC consistency is really magnified on the larger pieces if your work piece isn’t perfectly flat.