Software for mac

I am a complete beginner who is lucky enough to have bought the onefinity.
I have a mac not got Windows at all and was think of going with vectric but I believe it’s Windows only, so does anyone use a mac and what do you use.
( is anyone on here living close to Bournemouth :uk:)

So much of the cad/cam sw is PC only that it has kept me in the PC world. Fusion 360 runs on the Mac Os. Vcarve is windows only and I don’t know if people are getting it to run in a VM or not?

I am using a MAC but have not upgraded to the OS Catalina, still running Mojave. In order to run Vectric V-Carve I bought Windows 10 and Parallels
for MAC. Vectric software runs without any hitches but you have to open it in the Windows OS.

@Clark - you can run Vectric in Wine/Crossover on the Mac. Couple minor issues, but better than firing up Parallels. I don’t know if it will work with Catalina though.


I’m new to the CNC world and the Onefinity will be my first as well. As for programs I am looking at all and see which I like the best. As for location I’m in Burgess Hill just 11miles north of Brighton

Running Vectric VCarve Pro on VMWare Fusion/Windows 10 on my (Late 2014) Mac mini on OS Catalina. Works like a dream.

The Shapeoko WIKI has a pretty good list of software package - looks like Carbide is trying to keep i up to date.


I’m an exclusive Mac user at home, but reluctantly use Windows machines at work. Ive been using Fusion 360 for years for designing projects and 3D printing. I actually do most of work on a 15" MacBook and Fusion runs extremely well, given you have enough RAM for the more complicated calculations. I taught myself how to use it via Youtube videos (Lars Christensen), and it really is nice using pro CAD/CAM software with a free hobbyist license. The software runs locally, but manages file storage and updates in the cloud; I have worked on the same projects from different locations on Mac/PC machines and the transition is seamless (provided you set up the same keyboard shortcuts).

Anyways, Fusion runs well on Mac, and I can recommend it for even a new user.


I do not use a Mac, but I believe carbine create runs on a Mac. A post processor may vibe needed.