Spindle goes up after every rotation

My spindle goes up after every rotation for Pocket Tool path. How do I eliminate that? Thanks

I am a newbie, I am using VCarve Pro.

Do you mean every rotation of the router or something else?

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It must be related to your clearing height. I do not use VCarve but in Fusion 360 that is a setting that if you have a value in there it will go all the way back to start height before plunging in for the next pass. Check your settings for “clearing” in your heights section.

Also total side note: but the vernacular you are looing for over “ever rotation” would be after “every clearing pass” . Rotation implies a revolution of the spindle motor itself. :slight_smile:



I don’t use VCarve but this likely falls under a “lead in” and “lead out” setting after each pass.

I use V Carve Pro… This sounds like clearance height to me

Would you know, where that clearance height will be in settings?

Hi Faisal

Open up “Toolpaths” on the upper right (where you make all your settings).

At the top of the page it will say “Material Setup”, click where it says “Set” in a box.

At the bottom of that page, you will see “Home/Start Position.”

This is where you change your “Z Gap above Material.”

Hope this helps!

Should that be set to 0?

Never 0 !!!
Set it to a safe height so that the bit is above the material and above any clamps you are using…

V Carve just released V-11… there are a few new things (I haven’t explored them all yet), but they have comprehensive tutorials, and there are some good youtube channels…

This guy is really good
Mark Lindsay CNC - YouTube

V Carve appears complicated at first, but put some time in and suddenly it all makes sense…

Mine is set to .25 right now on various jobs, I don’t remember changing this setting.

Thanks For your help Gerry, I will look into the videos and more tutorials.

Just remember to home the 1F when you fire up for the day, set your Zero points, then remember to probe for every tool change… That’s 90% of the battle.
And always remember the 1F has no idea what it’s doing… it can only follow G-Code… sounds simple, and it is… you have to “Tell” it what to do!
Good luck!

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