Spindle Maintenance

Is there a suggested maintenance schedule for spindles, such as cleaning or greasing/oiling the bearings?

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in the manual of my spindle (a 6,000–24,000 rpm 2.2 kW water-cooled spindle), it says:

11 Maintenance

Note: The bearings of the motor spindle are greased for life! Relubrication is therefore not necessary and would considerably shorten the service life of the bearings.

11.1 Maintenance and inspection after initial start-up

After the initial start-up (this applies both to the new installation and after a modification of the machine), all screw and plug connections of the electrical and mechanical installation as well as of the coolant system must be carefully checked for tightness after the first 5 operating hours and retightened if necessary.

11.2 Daily maintenance

Clean the motor spindle and tool cone with a clean cloth. Then grease the tool taper and clamp a tool.

Never clean with compressed air, as this can cause foreign bodies to enter the interior of the motor spindle.

Check ventilation slots and heat sinks for dust and dirt deposits, if necessary take constructive measures to prevent dust and dirt from entering.

11.3 Weekly maintenance

Check cooling circuit for bubbling, vent if necessary or replace coolant completely. Check for leakage (water-cooled spindles). Check coolant hoses and connections. The hoses must not be kinked, porous or brittle. Replace complete coolant hose if necessary.

11.4 Monthly maintenance

Check that there is no dirt or deposits in the coolant. Deposits can clog the cooling channels in the spindle. Therefore, change dirty coolant immediately.

11.5 Replacement of wear parts

Modifications, repairs or the replacement of spindle parts may only be carried out by qualified personnel authorized by us. Opening the spindle body and damaging the warranty seal will result in the exclusion of all warranty and liability claims.

– Source: Mechatron HFS Series Operation Instructions Manual

I don’t know if or how much this applies to your spindle. Perhaps you check your spindle manual.

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