Spindle weight too much?

Hello, First time posting. I have a woodworker that should be here in a month or so. I ordered the 80mm mount and then ordered the 110v 2.2kw HUANYANG spindle. The weight of the spindle is around 18 lbs. Now I’m worried that it might be too heavy for the stepper motors. Anyone out there have a similar setup that could ease my fears?

Sorry if this has already been answered, I tried searching for this first.


Works fine on either x-35 or x-50 (better with x-50)

Ok, is there a limit?
Will be adding a dust hose, water hose connection, etc?

Also, does the x-50 come with a different stepper motor?
I’m not really worried about the frame, just the strength(lifting/holding power) of the stepper motor.

The “lifting motor” is the Z axis, nothing to do with the X-axis (X-50). If anything the extra weight will help (very little) as some bits are going to want to push up on the spindle. Compression bits will either want to push up or pull down depending on which direction they cut. V bits (and any other that are tapered) will want to push up. Depending how you run your water lines they may or may not add weight but I doubt that, even including the water in the spindle, will add much more weight.

I believe the website describes the larger stepper motors for the X50 models are for the larger rails, not the Z axis.