Spindle weight too much?

Hello, First time posting. I have a woodworker that should be here in a month or so. I ordered the 80mm mount and then ordered the 110v 2.2kw HUANYANG spindle. The weight of the spindle is around 18 lbs. Now I’m worried that it might be too heavy for the stepper motors. Anyone out there have a similar setup that could ease my fears?

Sorry if this has already been answered, I tried searching for this first.


Works fine on either x-35 or x-50 (better with x-50)

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Ok, is there a limit?
Will be adding a dust hose, water hose connection, etc?

Also, does the x-50 come with a different stepper motor?
I’m not really worried about the frame, just the strength(lifting/holding power) of the stepper motor.

The “lifting motor” is the Z axis, nothing to do with the X-axis (X-50). If anything the extra weight will help (very little) as some bits are going to want to push up on the spindle. Compression bits will either want to push up or pull down depending on which direction they cut. V bits (and any other that are tapered) will want to push up. Depending how you run your water lines they may or may not add weight but I doubt that, even including the water in the spindle, will add much more weight.

I believe the website describes the larger stepper motors for the X50 models are for the larger rails, not the Z axis.

I am looking to mill steel with my Journeyman (arrived!). One of the spindles I am looking at has great low-end torque, but is hefty.

@OnefinityCNC is this spindle too heavy @ 15.5kg (before 105mm mount and suction)?

What is the recommended spindle weight limit for the Journeyman?

@OnefinityCNC do you have any guidance on spindle weight please?

This is one of several modifications that are not officially supported. My advice is to continue to ask spindle users and then perhaps base your decision on the feedback and insights they provide.

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The spindle you speak of does not weigh 18lbs. Many, many people have the HY spindles and they work fine with the Onefinity (myself included). You’ll be fine with the spindle and accessories.

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If this is a reply to me, then I’m not sure where the figure of 18lbs comes from?

Are you aware of any others who have run a spindle in this weight class? I haven’t seen any in my searches so far, but I would be grateful for any links you may be aware of.

For clarity, I am looking only for guidance on whether this weight would be excessive or not. If the system does not end up working well with steel, that is totally on me.

It was a reply to you. Your spindle should only be about 11-12lbs. I think the 18lbs is spindle and VFD weight. You are fine with the spindle. I have the 220v version. The Onefinity handles the spindle. water lines, spindle cable, dust boot, and even the Jtech laser without any issues.

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My Jianken ATC spindle is listed at 7.8kg (~ 17lbs). I just finished my upgrade to this ATC, and am currently and ‘slowly’ testing various of its systems. Currently I have taught myself enough about g and m codes ( also with Masso forum help) that I am able to test a work around for the free F360 not generating multiple toolpaths for different tools. So far it works, and tomorrow I will run one of my first multitool/toolpath test cuts, albeit on a block of machining wax :grin:. Only after further testing on harder materials like aluminum will I be able to judge its rigidity. My personal opinion at this point is that finishing passes to final tolerances will be a must, and milling steel is not a realistic option.

The spindle I referenced is listed as 15.5kg (that’s ~34lbs).

Hey Josh,

the spindle U007D refers to (spindle datasheet) is really 15.5 kg the spindle alone. It’s a 105 mm diameter spindle. Unfortunately I cannot contribute anything about whether it weighs too much for the Onefinity, the experience of users in this forum is usually with spindles around 5,5 kg. Tom and I discussed the possible weakness of the Onefinity Z assembly in the past and we both independently came to the estimation that the weight bearing capacity and tolerance against deviation under load of the Onefinity spindle mount would increase if you mount two 80 mm spindle mounts one above the other, but you lose a bit of Z travel then. However this works only on 80 mm spindles. On the spindle @U007D refers to, the 80 mm ø part is only 38 mm high so that would be no solution.

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Sorry, I got you mixed up with the original poster who said they ordered a 2.2kw Huanyang. My mistake…apologies.

It’s true that some people get confused by the fact that a major online store and marketplace, which used to be an online bookstore a long time ago before it discovered the concept of undercutting other competitors to death by making a permanent targeted loss, often has a weight listed, but that is the shipping weight of the package, not the spindle.

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No problem! Thanks for clarifying–it all makes sense now. :slight_smile: