Weight of Onefinity

What’s the approximate weight of an X/Y rail? And the weight of the Z-gantry?

Bob - it depends on the model - X50 or X35, and journeyman vs woodworker vs machinist. Which are you looking for?


I’m most interested in the X-35 Woodworker; but possibly the X-50 Woodworker.

Using the shipping labels on the boxes for mine the X50 Journeyman X rail shows 60 lbs and the Y rail box shows 45 lbs. This does not include the Z slider plate which was packaged in one of the boxes but I don’t recall which one at this point. Hope that helps.

Thanks for those weights. I got the impression from the the X-35 Woodworker instruction manual that the X and Y rails are essentially identical. From your reply, it sounds as if that’s not the case for the X-50 Woodworker.

I no longer have the box the X35 woodworker X rail was delivered in because I used it to send it back when I upgraded to the X50 Journeyman but I’d put the weight of the X35 woodworker X rail at arund 50lbs with the 3rd rail installed.