Squealing Bit when running straight at Feedrate

Got my machine in November. I’ve been playing with it lots, getting comfortable with speed and feeds, The last few cuts I’ve run (brand new Up cut) The bit squeals when running at its full feed rate. I bumped up my router speed from 12000 to 16000 and the squeal went away. I’ve had to do this carving maple, and carving plywood.

For reference, I’ve been using this speeds and feeds calculator since I started, but I’m starting to wonder if the chip loads are iffy?


I mean, I don’t mind running my router faster. Just curious for some help


Feed/speed charts are for reference only and may not specifically apply to your machine/bit/material combination. I highly recommend tweaking the speeds and feeds until things look, feel, and sound smooth for any given tool and material.


Also, sometimes if your wood has a slight bow in it and it’s not tight to your table everywhere, it can vibrate, so yes, adjusting the spindle speed a little can settle down the harmonics created by the vibration.