Using manufacturer recommended speeds on 1F

I’ve only had my Journeyman cnc for a couple of months and have been pretty conservative on the speeds. Typically 80 on 1/4" diameter bits, 60 on 1/8" and as low as 40-50 for the 1/16 and 1/32. I’ve been mostly using the Amana spektra bits and have noticed their recommended feedrates to achieve the chipload is significantly higher (often double what I’m running). I can sometimes get close with the smaller diameter bits by lowering the router speed but even then it’s on the lower end of their chipload chart. The larger bits like 1/4" bits I would have to push near 300ipm. What do you guys typically run on your 1/16", 1/8 and 1/4" bits.

I run very conservatively on mine, typically about half of what you run. I also rarely ever cut wood, I’m usually cutting some sort of plastics or composites, and sometimes aluminum. I also rarely ever break a bit, and they stay sharp a good long while. Usually run 1/4 & 1/8 bits at “1” on the router, and around 3 for 1/16 and 1mm bits, and also small V bits. One reason for my conservative feed rates is that many times I’m cutting a material that is stuck down with carpet tape, and some materials stick better than others. Too much cutting pressure can shift the part.

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So do you don’t even worry about the chip load values from the bit manufacturer?

No, not really. I have mad respect for the ppl that do reference that information. But as an old-school machinist, feeds & speeds were always determined by the feel of the cut, vibrations, chip appearance, material type, etc. Even when I started running 2 & 3 axis mills it was very much the same way, always overriding the initial feed rate.