Sub Program calls Help

Hi All,
I created a Vee carver program with 26 letter and 10 number and a few symbol all with the g54 at the lower left corner.
What I do not want is to have to load 40 different program I would like to load one program with 40 sub program in it and modify the main program just to call program 126 to cut the letter Z only.

I know this is easy to do on the makino machine I have ran in the pass using M98 P126 or N126 and program jumps to either program 126 or line number 126 and with m99 at the end to return back to the main program.

Does BuildBotic/ One Finity support this type operation.
Can someone explain with and example how this might work?
Thanks for the Help and support, Jac

Hi John - I doubt it is supported, but maybe one of the gcode gurus knows. I think @charleyntexas has pushed the OF controller in that way. Others too.


The machine does not support macros or sub loading. You will need to generate gcode as one program for each cutting operation. The best way is to use cad/cam software to export the code in one operation that will do all the letters, numbers and symbols in one ruffing pass and then a finishing pass.

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