Table top out of solid door

Has anyone used a sold core door as a table top ? I’m thinking about using two of them joined then cut down to size. Used to use one when building airplanes due to being very straight and sturdy.

I don’t see why you couldn’t use one it would just be finding one that is 48" + wide

I’d be joining two doors together then cutting it to 50x60.

I don’t see why it would not work. I am making my top out of 2 - 1" thick pieces of MDF. I found sheens of 1" thick that were 49"x97" and had them cut down to 49"x65" and am using the drops for the waste board. I’m mounting them to a Kreg mobile base that is 44"x44" frame on casters.

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are you going to have issues with that much overhang?

This is what I have in mind…

Join it on the 80in side, then cut down to 50x60. Looking to mount it on a Kreg table with casters.

Alex, if you are referring to me, I do not think so. The only thing on that extra end of the table will be my monitor mount and a place to design while I’m in the shop running the CNC. I’ve considered stiffening the overhang and possibly adding a small set of drawers also for bits and such.

Grant - I was referring to you. Thank you

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