Teknic ClearCore - Announced/Released

Just came across this little guy ClearCore Industrial I/O and Motion Controller Platform; $99 - Teknic’s new motion controller ClearCore.

Really only of value here if you planned on upgrading the motors to ClearPath’s Servos, otherwise you’d still need to provide drivers for steppers, in which might just go with other readily available products. But I thought it was cool for anyone else into this type of stuff.


Appropriate for St Patricks day for sure!:smirk:

I’ve played a little bit with ClearPath servo motors and I really like them (especially since they have a sensorless homing functionality though calibration can be unnerving). Since Teknic has come out with their own controller, I wonder if this would make a good replacement stand alone controller for the Onefinity. Unfortunately, I’m not a great C++ programmer and I don’t really like the idea of using an Arduino wrapper for a project like this.