Tool setter question (answered with video)

if i purchase tool setter i use the top of the waste boards as zero. will toolsetter zero all my tools including first one automatically?

The tool setter will use the first tool you install and zero to establish the same offset for the next tool you install when your g-code calls for a tool change.

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So if i zero tool setter to top of waste board it will always know where zero is?

Whatever you put in the f1 screen settings will be what the machine always goes to to set the tool offset using the tool setter. It doesn’t matter what your CAD file says (top or bottom of material).

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The tool setter will be relative to the previous tool, if you zero the first tool to the waste board, when you install the next tool it will measure it and will be the same zero point. Since the tool can be installed with varying stick out from the collet, it’s not possible to measure them once and store it in a tool table.

If I zero tool will it remember when I load new program

Your zero point won’t change until you power off the unit or set it to a new zero point, if you load a new program it will be retained.

How do I preserve the 4x4 cutting capacity with the tool changer. Do I need to change the soft limits so that I can place the tool setter at the far end (I have the QWC table).

So my tool setter is on the QWC frame from Onefinity but my spoil boar is about 1.5 inches thick. Will this create an issue? Should I put the tool setter so it sits higher than spoilboard?