Touch screen upside down?

I just recently received my Journeyman X-50 which came with the ImageDok 8" screen. All the clips I have seen on Youtube show everyones cables coming out of the left hand side of the monitor. Mine however is the opposite. That is when the screen is turned on with cables coming out of the left the image on the screen is upside down. Is there a simple fix?
Many thanks…

Mine come out the right side.

There is a way to flip the image - there have been a few posts on how to do it. You have to make changes to the RPi configuration using the command line.

I didnt flip mine and wires come out the right.

May be easier to just flip monitor, found this thread

Thanks Jim. Its nice to no its not just me. Have a great day.

Hi George, Yes I found this post and read through the thread. I wasn’t game to try this. Thanks for the reply. Have a great day!!